International Sales

International sales are all Sam Golden sales excluding sales performance within the United Arab Emirates and surrounding regions (GCC). All orders made by international vendors and/or groups are dealt on a case by case basis.


Head Office - Dubai, UAE

North America Branch - Toronto, Canada

Africa Branch - Nairobi, Kenya

For any inquiries, please contact the concerned branch. You can always reach or contact us at


Sami Golden is our subsidiary logistics company that can provide the best Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) or Cost and Insurance (C&I) if the client required assistance for transport. Note that under normal circumstances sales/exports are made usually on a Free on Board (FOB).

Exports to major open ports in overseas destinations are allowed, subject to the payment of the appropriate freight differential. SGGT, however, reserves the right to reject declared ports which are not easily accessible.

Buyers are required to declare ports of destination at the time of negotiation or, at least, with a clear calendar months prior to the commencement of the contract shipment period. Requests for change of destination are entertained, but each request is dealt with on its own merit.