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  • Chicken Stock

    The simple choice is usually the right choice when cooking chicken, add Daily Choice Chicken Stock for a bountiful tasty experience. Made with carefully selected herbs and spices, it will enhance the natural flavor of you fresh ingredients. Daily Choice Chicken Stock can be used as seasoning for meat, vegetables, sauces, stuffed vegetables and rice.

  • Beef Stock

    Adding Daily choice Beef Stock Cube is the best to add outstanding flavor to your beef cooking. Made with carefully selected herbs and spices, it will enhance the natural flavor of you fresh ingredients.

  • Vegetable Stock

    Adding Daily Choice Vegetable Stock provides a natural taste by perfectly complement veggies and enhancing any dish from soups and pastas to gravy and sauces.

  • Golden Star Flour

    Golden Star is nutritious, wholesome and fresh flour is produced in the United Arab Emirates. They are marketed under the brand name of Golden Star and are widely used by consumers all across Middle East and East Africa. Delicious and ready to be made into traditional baked goods either plain or with vegetable filling is marketed under the Golden Star brand. Sam Golden’s brand of packaged flour – Golden Star, is widely is widely popular in East Africa as this packaged flour retains the wholesome flavor of freshly milled flour.

  • Domino & Solare Spaghetti

    Domino and Solare Pasta is a medium level source of carbohydrates and significant on the glycemic index. The main ingredient is Durum Wheat Semolina. Durum wheat is of the variety Triticum turgidum, very hard wheat with high protein content. It is used to make all pastas. The dough is less elastic than bread dough, but this makes it easier to roll into pasta shapes. Takes about 6-8 to cook and is guaranteed quality with two proper sizes 1.1 RMM and 1.3RMM.

  • Evaporated Milk

    Evaporated Milk is also known as dehydrated milk is a shelf-stable milk product with about 60% of the water removed from fresh milk. Enjoy the enriched flavor of Milkano creamy milk with vitamin A & D and added protein to promote a healthy body and unique quality taste. Milkano Evaporated Milk makes your cup of tea a "truly great tasting tea experience".

  • Full Cream Milk Powder

    Milkano Instant Full Cream Milk Powder. Enriched with vitamins A & D. Milkano builds healthy bodies develop strong bones and gives extra energy scientifically produced under stringent conditions to give you guaranteed & nutritional value.

  • Tomato paste

    Whether you cook from scratch very often or not, tomato paste is a convenient staple you'll want to keep in the pantry. It has similar nutritional value to fresh tomatoes, since it's simply the essence of tomatoes in concentrated form. Just a tablespoon of Daily Choice tomato paste is a good source of antioxidants and has 3 to 6 percent of your recommended daily value of iron, potassium and vitamins B.

  • Light Meat Tuna

    Our Daily Choice Light Meat Tuna is made from fresh and nutritious ingredients. The Manufacturing facilities produce high quality and innovative productions that is consumer driven focus. Daily Choice Light Meat Tuna is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and a significant source of omega3 fats. Daily Choice Light Meat Tuna product origin is Thailand and is a daily source of nutritional value and helps with maintaining a balanced diet. Daily Choice Light Meat Tuna can be prepared multiple ways; a tuna mixed salad, tuna sandwich, and fried tuna with addition to a course meal.

  • Domino & Solare Macaroni

    Domino and Solare Macaroni provide you with increased level of energy, as well as essential nutrients in the form of fiber, and minerals. The main ingredient of Domino & Solare Macaroni is also Durum Wheat Semolina with a net weight of 500g. Domino & Solare brand give you a 100% guaranteed assurance of a high level quality product.

  • Sunflower Oil

    Hadiya Cooking Oil has a large collection of benefits to help keep your body healthy and strong. Hadiya oil has many natural benefits of sunflower oil since it is easy to substitute into your diet and has a natural, light taste. Hadiya improves your health give you natural energy, Promotes a Healthy Nervous System, Prevents Arthritis, Natural Moisturizer, Stops Free Radicals, Reduces Cardiac Problems, Helps Create New Cells, Repairs the Body & Lower Risk of Infant Infection.

  • Cooking Oil

    Hadiya Cooking oil is an excellent blend of sunflower seed oil, soya bean oil and antioxidant BHA=BHT (E320, E321) which help the body absorb certain vitamins, such as A, D, E and K and contribute to healthier skin. Hadiyah cooking oil intensifies the flovours in food and gives it a pleasure full feel in the mouth.

  • Golden Star Rice

    There are many rice brands being offered in the market nowadays and it is not easy to determine which among the many brands out there can give you the satisfaction that you need. For this reason, we developed the Golden Star Rice Brand. Golden Star Parboiled rice is grown in the Indian-continent and is watered by pure water from the Indian River. Each grain, when cooked releases a distinctive flavor & makes every meal a memorable experience.